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We have career opportunities for Accountants and Accountants to be. Joining AO & FA will be a good decision for those who want to build a career founded on professionalism, excellence, Integrity, Innovation & continuous learning. We respect our team members and create a conducive environment for staff to express their skills, knowledge and talent while achieving their personal goals and the firm’s objectives.

At AO & FA, our people are our most-valued assets. We take conscious steps to invest in our people because we believed by doing so will our business grows. We shall take you through various stages of professional development to a specialization level while providing the required mentorship.

If you are passionate about working for a brand that believes in the difference that a single person is able to make and the value and strength that teams are able to deliver across multi-sectoral clientele, then AO & FA is the place for you.

We have two categories of career opening: Internship (Students & Graduate) and Experienced Hire


We have internship opportunities for both students and Graduate Trainee. We also provide Interns for our various clients. The Internship provides you with an opportunity to learn via intensive classroom training by practicing Consultants and on-the job experiential learning. Entry Requirements for our Internship Programme;

-Not more than 27 years old -Minimum of 5 O’level credits at ONE sitting. -300 level University Students, AAT, OND & HND minimum of Upper Credit & BSc with minimum of second class upper in Accounting/Finance/Economics or related discipline. For non-accounting related discipline, you must have enrolled for ICAN/ACCA to demonstrate your passion for the accounting profession
-Must Passed a written AO & FA entry test in one sitting. -Valid ID Card: National ID Card, International Passport, Driver’s license, Permanent Voters’ Card etc. For student Interns, you must provide a valid Higher Institution student ID Card

If this opportunity is for you, do forward your updated resume to

Experienced hire

Enhance your career development as an experienced professional with AO & FA and continue on your path to reach your full potential. We also provide experienced hands for our various clients. Your journey as an experienced professional with AO & FA or our clients will start with:

- An Application via - A Preliminary chat with the HR Team for competency based interview
- A Chat with the Managers and/or Partner of the requesting unit
- A Chat with the Senior Partner or our Clients and you could well be on your way to being an invaluable asset to our client or AO & FA.